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No one can be victorious by standing alone. It is a great team effort . If we at Lifecare IVF have been able to bring joy in your lives, it is only because of your trust and support in each one of us. We sincerely thank each one of you for your belief and patronage.

We have followed our 1300 IVF pregnancy cases for their final outcome……

& presented our resultsat gynae forums & PPTs available at slideshare.net for you all to see.

We have upgraded our expertise in PGD/ PGS hope more & more people utilize this service . Over 50% of our patients have male infertility & our results are praise as we have good team of male IVF expert & surgeon.

We have made significant advances in the field of MALE INFERTILITY treatment. With stem cell therapy now available at our centre, we shall now bring hope to ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION  men who wish to father their own child. So far 5 cases have been done with positive sign only in two cases.

The inclusion of Sperm DNA fragmentation in our evaluation of Sperm function tests for male partner has helped us a lot to find the cause of IUI / IVF failure and identify patients who need ICSI.

We take extra pains to teach each & every doctor thesetwo techniques of sperm DNA fragmentationwho come to our centre for ART training.

We are the only centre in Delhi NCR who achieved have 15 successful pregnancies in Women with persistently THIN ENDOMETRIUM through novel technique of stem cell therapy and newer drugs like GCSF. Earlier we used Bone marrow Stemcells …. But now we use PRP only

LIFECARE ABS provides State- of -ART Infertility enhancing Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgery.Our centre is training centre for hysteroscopy for doctors .

Lifecare IVF continues to occupy the Star Centre status for TRAINING OF DOCTORS IN INFERTILITY, IVF - ICSI, Embryology, Andrology and ultrasound… have trained over 800 doctors (200 in ART , 400 in COLPOSCOPY & 100 in ULTRASOUND). It is amazing that we get doctors for training from all over India ... an unprecedented response since 2016.

This speaks high of the standard of training and the dedication of the faculty. Hope we continue to remain on our top position.

We have account at youtube & slideshare.net & have 350 ppts & 100 videos on various topics related to our speciality. By this we reach out to even more remotest placed gynaecologists across India & other countries with the sole aim to be able to provide update knowledge & specialised infertility services to all Indian women even in remote areas.

Our inspiration is our Teacher and Mentor Dr. SHARDA JAIN who believes and puts into action “Knowledge and Skills are meant for sharing. The more you share the more confident and capable you become in respective fields." We the team of Lifecare IVF once again wish you all a Happy New year and promise to touch your lives with desired baby

11, Gagan Vihar, (Near Karkari Morh Flyover)
Delhi - 110051.
91-11-22414049, 22058865
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First Meeting Of Life Care IVF on 9th October 2012
Second Meeting Of Life Care IVF on 27th December
Third Meeting Of Life Care IVF on 23rd March
4th Meeting IUI workshop, 12th August 2013
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